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Annalisa           Aldana


I am a UX Designer who transforms pain points into smooth, elegant, and purposeful digital solutions.

Communities Connect

A UX/UI design for an app and responsive website design connecting K-12 students with service organizations, strengthening community ties, and growing service-oriented leaders. 

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Five Star Flora

A UX/UI design for a mobile app facilitating the online purchase of high-end floral products, multiple recipient per order, bouquet approval, delivery tracking and notification, and accountable customer service.

Taste of Heaven Bakery

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A UX/UI design for an app and responsive website design for a bakery specializing in in gluten-free, dairy free, and organic baked goods with a delivery service. 

about me

Beyond Conventional Empathy

With two decades of design experience, my design process is human-centered, innovative, and meaningful. I continuously refine and distill the details from the micro to macro scale. I know small changes have big impacts. My work focuses on constructing a contextual, high quality, lean and efficient user experience from start to finish. My research and design investigation go beyond the conventional understanding of people's needs and behavior, and explore in-depth one's culture, language, habits, emotions, and the human body to create intuitive and elegant digital products. 


Creative to the Core

As a UX Designer, I bring design expertise from teaching graduate design studios and digital rendering courses, working as a landscape architect on projects from urban mixed-use  to large-scale community developments, a graphic designer for political campaigns and branding designs for local businesses, and as a professional photographer capturing the fleeting and special moments of life. At my core, I am curious, creative, and continuously designing in all facets of my professional and personal life. I strive to live creatively, connected, and authentically and am not afraid to take non-conventional paths. 


How I Live Holding Dualities in Tandem

I have a traveling spirit and am rooted; emotionally deep and lighthearted; intensely hardworking and easy going. I honor the sacred and delight in the mundane; am an earth sign and connected to the celestial bodies. I know what I love and am always ready to try new things. I am fiercely independent and dependent on a few good friends. I love a good meal but even better great company. I prefer a hot shower over a comfy bed. I can be nostalgic and present, cerebral and a dreamer, a designer and user, and always an artist at my core.  


What Makes Me Smile

A big airplane taking me somewhere, cycling, a great view, the sunrise, a full moon, a great conversation, family time, poetic lyrics, and street food. 

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