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Annalisa Aldana 

I dream, collaborate, create, and connect.
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Hi! I am Annalisa.

I am pivoting into the field of UX Design. 

For the last 20 years, I have been intimately involved in design.  My experience ranges from a graduate professor teaching design studios and digital rendering courses, to a landscape architect working on mixed-use and large scale developments, a graphic designer working on political campaigns and branding for businesses, and a photographer capturing the fleeting and special moments of life. At my core, I am curious, creative, and always seeking to know and understand people, different cultures, and the world in profound and authentic ways. 


My designs are human-centered, innovative, aware of both the micro and macro-scaled details, distilled, and create a cohesive and refined product and user experience. UX is significantly and meaningfully transforming how individuals and companies live and work. I am thrilled to be a part of this expanding profession making the world a more interesting, connected, and accessible domain. 


My academic investigations dovetail my main passions: environmental awareness, the built world, cultural traditions and rituals, anthropology, psychology, health and well-being, and creative and intentional living. 

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