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UX Design, UX Research & Branding 

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Communities Connect

Communities Connect is a responsive design to facilitate students in K-12 grades and their families to easily find and sign up for community service activities. In conjunction, local organizations need volunteers and typically don't fill their rosters for events. This collaboration is beneficial to the studentsorganizations, and the larger community as service projects do good for those in need and encourage a more conscious, caring, and aware community. See more.

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Five Star Flora

Five Star Flora app was created for people who want to send beautiful floral gifts to people near and far throughout the United States.To match the quality of the floral products Five Star Flora creates an exceptional user experience that is simple and easy to use. Five Star Flora integrates features online shoppers desire such as knowing available products from the beginning of the shopping experience and not at the end, multiple recipient per order, a variety of online payments options, a quick and few step add to cart checkout process, and photos and delivery notifications to ensure orders resemble bouquets purchased.  

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Taste of Heaven Bakery

The Taste of Heaven Bakery responsive website design was created to provide  high quality baked good that encompass a range of dietary restrictions such as 100% organic ingredients, vegan, and gluten-free cakes. All customized cakes  will have a follow up call from the design team and an approval process when ready. A home delivery service is available with a fee to ensure the goods are safely delivered to the user’s home or identified destination.

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MIT Design Thinking Project

As a member of an international group, this MIT executive design thinking course project explored and conceptualized a sustainable clothing design and service. The project analyzed the opportunities, personas, real world feasibility, service experience cycle map, competitive analysis, and the net present value of a conscious consumer fashion company. See more.

Nectar Yoga Studio

Working in collaboration with Nectar Yoga Studios owner, we photographed her as a prominent member and contributor in the athletic, fitness, and yoga communities for advertising and promotionsShe was featured in Athleta's Chi Blog and incorporated Flora Foto's photos. In addition, I created a photographic journal of her Athleta ambassador wardrobe and her yoga studios used for social media posts.  See more.


City Council Campaign

From conception to final design I created the branding for a city council campaign. I created signage for newspaper advertising, yard signs, and designed the website and managed updates.

FCEF Awareness and Social Media

As  a FCEF board member and Vice President of the non-profit, which fundraises money to support the schools, students, and staff, I have assisted with social media posts and a collective community visual awareness about the FCEF's role in supporting the schools. See more. 

Evening of the Arts Publications

As a member of the Falls Church Day School Evening of the Arts Committee we organized the annual fundraiser event. I created all the brochures, signage, silent auction handouts, along with the entire online auction website.

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