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Annalisa Aldana 

I dream, explore, create, and craft
    meaningful artistic interactions and experiences.
 See my UX Design projects and resume
Hi! I am Annalisa.

I am entering the field of UX Design. 

As a designer for over 20 years, I enjoy discovering the ephemeral and latent qualities, teasing them apart in a deep dive exploration, and highlighting and accentuating their inherent beauty. My designs strive to create experiences that keep the users returning, which over time allows for the development of meaningful connections.

Previously I have taught masters and undergraduate classes at Virginia Tech and George Washington University and worked in various landscape architecture firms in the Washington, DC region. I am also the owner of Flora Foto, a photography and branding company.  

My academic investigations have centered on the environmental awareness, cultural traditions and rituals, health and well-being, psychology, and creative and intentional living. 

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